Cloud Firewall & DDoS Protection

All Of Our Services Come with Advanced DDoS Protection.

What's More With Cloud Firewall.


Control And Manage Easily Through API


Create As Many as you want Custom Firewall Rules


Create Rules For a Specify IP'S OR IP Ranges.

DNS & Domains

Easily Manage, Clone DNS Records.
Even You Can Buy Domain Directly Here.

What's More With DNS.


Control And Manage Easily Through API


Easily Manage, Clone, and Many Things through DNS Records.


Not Having Any Domain. Just Buy It.

Load balancers

Easy to Use, Free of Cost, Best Performing, etc
Spread Traffic In Just Two Clicks.

Within Two clicks, You Can Easily Spread The Traffic At Any Scale. We Don’t Charge Any Thing For Load Balancer Create As Many as you want. It’s Truly Free of Cost.

What's More With Load balancers.


 As Many As You Want


Compatible With All BVR CLOUD Products.

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