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Store Up To 10-25 Years, With 2 Clicks. Store Your Data Whether It’s in Exabytes.
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Long Term Storage & Storage Plus

Store Your Data In Any Our 35 Datacentres Worldwide.Whether Its In zettabyte or yottabyte with two clicks.Experience the speed of our servers connected to 500Gbps.Our Dedicated Team Will help you To Move Your Data.

Don’t Worry About Bandwidth We Will Give Best Pricing In the Entire Planet. We Provide Dedicated/Unshared Bandwidth Ranging From 10-500 Gbps Connections Worldwide.

All Over The World.

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It's a Standard Pricing Based on The Volume Discounted Will Be Applied.

Pay-as-you-go Bandwidth

for as low as $0.005 per GB

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1 TB / month

Traffic Cost
$5.12 / month
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