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Choosing A Right Cloud Provider is Hard Because when you stick to Someone, it’s hard to move to others.

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Start Your Journey With BVR CLOUD.

We Offer Much Wide Range of Useful Products. Wether You are a Startup or a Multi-National Company you, are Welcome !!!. We Offer The Best Pricing in All Product Categories Ranging from Virtual Machines to Video Streaming.

We Use the Latest Nvidia GPU’S and AMD CPU For Any of Our Products. We offer Mostly Unshared/Dedicated Network Performance ranging from 10Gbps to 500Gbps Across the world.

Already Using Other Cloud Provider.

Want to Migrate Us? No Worries we Made The Process Very Simple For You If you even have data in Petabytes, Exabytes, or Zettabytes. We take care of Migration. For Migration, we use our Dedicated/Un-shared 500Gbps Networks Across the World.

Still, thinking to Move or Not. We offer the best pricing & UpCredit so that you do not need to pay monthly.


Bandwidth Pricing

Bandwidth Pricing $0.005 Per Gb, Discounted Pricing for Partners $0.002 Per Gb.

Pay-as-you-go Bandwidth

for as low as $0.005 per GB

How much would you spend with us?

1 TB / month

Traffic Cost
$5.12 / month
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